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Art Challenge Day 5 by heyitsmyles Art Challenge Day 5 by heyitsmyles
If you follow my art tumblr, you would have known that this piece isn't done. However, I can't work on it anymore and it looks good right now. Heck, it looks better than my current ID I have up so I am replacing it with this one instead. Day Five is to draw your favourite outfit. If I had more time to draw this, you would have seen me in my white and black SHAQ shoes and my jeans.

Most of this was drawn by me but the design of the shirt, nope. That was done by another cool artist, I merely added filters to match the style of the picture. Credit goes to the person for that. I purposely added extra filters to leave enough of the original design so it can be seen but not enough to get me into some legal flack. It can be removed at any time if anyone really does get antsy about it.

What you see on my person is:

Panasonic VDJ Headphones

Custom Legend of Zelda Necklace *the emblem itself is store bought, the chain is a recycled wallet chain. I mashed them together*

My leather jacket

My meowingtons hax tour concert t-shirt I bought at my first deadmau5 concert

and my iPhone *plugged into my headphones, in the pocket not visible
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